Monday, 22 August 2016

Burley Wood Burning Stoves - Springdale model from Natural Heating (Norfolk, East Anglia Stockist)

Burley Springdale Wood burning Stove - supplied by

Stove shown was recently installed by local HETAS engineer, Jim Brown from Diss

The Burley range of stoves including Springdale, Debdale, Hollywell, Brampton and Wakerley woodburners are in stock and on display in our showroom in Attleborough, Norfolk

Made in Britain, Burley currently claim they make the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world ! Fuel consumption is very low with impressive heat outputs and burn times for a really minimal amount of fuel.

Natural Heating, Unit 5, Bunns Bank Ind Est, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 1QD - 01953 452525

Burley Appliances Ltd Specflue

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Beltane Chew 5kw Stove - Multi Fuel and Wood burning / Smoke Exempt by EuroStoves

This is a Beltane Chew, 5kw SE multi fuel stove. Stonking good value - currently at £495 (though there is a pending price increase on 1st September 2016)

The Beltane Chew is a contemporary styled multi fuel and wood burning stove with tough 5mm steel welded construction and 8mm thick top plate. Its DEFRA approved / smoke exempt to allow burning of wood in smokeless zones.

Simple but practical controls, insulated chamber, adjustable feet and air cooled handle.

This stove was supplied by :

Natural Heating, Unit 5, Bunns Bank Ind Est, Attleborough, NR17 1QD - 01953 452525

We also keep this stove and the Sheppey (larger 8kw version of the same) in stock and on display.

Vitreous flue pipes connecting to a Schiedel Pumice Liner System

Fitted for a customer in Attleborough by Martin Lancaster

Eurostove Specflue

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Aarrow Ecoburn 4 Multi Fuel Stove (for Wood or Coal / Smokeless) - UK made

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4 multi fuel stove - another new installation.

This Ecoburn Plus 4 has a heat output range of 1 to 5.5kw to the room. The largest stove in the Aarrow Ecoburn range has an output of 2.5 to14kw to the room... so they have something to suit everyone.
The Aarow Ecoburn range have lovely big glasses and drop curved internal low slung grates. We really like this crucible style grate system as it does not penalise you when burning wood compared to most multi fuel grates. Instead of the fuel sitting high, it sits down low to maximise both glass view and internal firebox loading space.

This range come in a 4,5,7,9 and 11 are a popular choice multi fuel stove due to the large viewing glasses and their easy controls. Also available with raised stand options for storing logs underneath

A good value for money unit with a lifetime warranty on the stove body !
We have most of the Aarrow / Arada range in stock and on display at Natural Heating, Unit 5, Bunns Bank Ind Est , Attleborough / Norfolk, NR17 1QD - 01953 452525

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Cast Iron Baked Potato / Bread Cookers - for Wood Burning / Multi Fuel Stoves

It's a cold, wintry day and you are cosy indoors with your wood burning / multi fuel stove burning away.

Why not make the most of the heat and cook on it too ! Free heat without having to put the oven on....

There are lots of things you can cook on top of your wood burner (providing it has a solid top and does not have an internal water jacket / boiler). You may regularly boil a kettle of water for a cup of tea or perhaps cook a stew... but did you know you can cook baked potatoes or even a loaf of bread ?

Our cast iron baked potato cookers come in two sizes. The standard size (£23.50) is perfect for two fist sized (approx 275g) baking potatoes, whilst the large one can hold up to four. These are also perfect for cooking other things such as chestnuts, onions, bread - we even have a customer cooking partridges in little foil packets in his !

Our cast iron baked potato cookers are designed to sit on top of all cast iron wood burners and multi fuel stoves - and most steel stoves too (though not cool wall units or those with wraparound type back boilers) A hot plate on your stove is NOT required. The baked potato cooker / mini dutch oven simply sits on top of your stove.

Basically, it makes use of the surface heat, which in turn transfers to the cast iron pod. The pod gets hot and evenly cooks your jacket potatoes. Should you wish to do so, it;s very easy to open adn have a look at what is happening inside.

After all, if you already have your stove lit - why bother turning the oven on ? 

It's not fast, but it's as green and energy efficient way of cooking you are ever likely to find.

The time taken to cook your potatoes is very variable as it depends on how hot your fire is burning. We generally put some on the showroom stoves around 9am and they are perfectly done by lunchtime. On the odd occasion when we've forgotten about them or been too busy to stop for lunch, the potatoes have been perfectly edible still and hour or two later.

The more space the potatoes have round them, the faster they cook. Ie three cook beautifully in the large cooker. Four cook just fine, but need a bit longer cooking time

Lightly oil a new pod with food grade vegetable or sunflower oil on some kitchen roll and leave empty, on top of the stove to bake on for a few hours before first use. Basically, it's seasoning the surface as you do with all cast iron cookware and woks

After that, just lightly oil your baked potato cooker / pod oven with a little oil on kitchen roll now and again. This prevents rust and builds up a natural non stick coating.


The cooking times stated were with a large pod on top of our stove - with the stove temperature at approx 200deg c / 400deg F for the period of cooking

I make enough bread dough to bake TWO loaves. The unused half of the dough can be placed in a tupperware box in your fridge after the first rise and is perfect to use one or two days later.  IF you only want to make one loaf, please half the recipe below

750g bread flour (alternatively, use 650g of bread flour and 100g oatmeal)
2 sachets of instant yeast
1 tsp of table salt
1 tbsp of sugar
400ml water or milk
50ml olive oil.

Add flour, sugar, yeast and salt to the bowl.

It is good practice not to let the salt and yeast come into contact until you add the liquids as this can inhibit the rise of the yeast (so add to different sides of the bowl)

Add water and oil and knead for approx 10 mins by hand or 5 mins with a mixer and dough hook.

Cover in bowl and leave to rise until doubled in size.

First of all, oil the inside of the pod and place OPEN on top of the stove so both sides get hot. Once the dough is doubled in size, knock back and divide into two equal pieces (the unused piece can go in a box or bag in the fridge)

Shape the dough and place into the large cast iron baked potato cooker on top of the stove. Leave alone until well risen and almost doubled in size a second time.

Close lid and cook for approx 1 hour. When you open the cooker, the top of the bread will be pale coloured and damp to the touch due to steam inside the cooker.

Take your bread out and turn it over so the pale side is down and crust is up.

Leave the cooker open on top of the stove with the pale side down for about 15 mins

After that, it's ready to enjoy. I like to cut this with the pale side up and the crust down as it's so easy to slice ! It makes a very pretty milk roll style loaf which is plenty for two very hungry people or to serve 4 alongside a meal

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Valiant FIR361 Premium 4 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fans -

The Valiant Premium 4 Heat Powered Stove fan - RRP £94.99 - our price £74.99 + shipping

Available from

Call us on 01953 452525 to order or for more information.

This new model of stove fan from Valiant is currently unrivalled in the market place. It can move a whopping 350cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air almost silently. The nearest competitor is likely the Caframo Eco Fan 812, which moves 250 cfm of air.

These stove accessories make a massive difference to our fuel consumption and how much heat you "feel". Typically, heat rises. These fans bring the air back down from the ceiling to where you are sitting and move it all round your room. As a result, you experience more warmth and make better use of the heat and therefore also burn less fuel. Having a stove top fan also means that it isn't baking hot directly in front of the stove with cold spots everywhere else as the heat is circulated in your rooms.

In general, we make a saving of around 35% in fuel consumption just in our show room when using a stove top fan on our working display wood burning stove. This is simply because we burn less fuel due to better use of the heat already being produced by the Burley Wakerley 9112 wood burning stove.

If we lift the working fan off the top of the stove, you can feel a distinct heat drop (as the heat rises to the high ceiling). Within 5 seconds of placing the fan back on the stove, you can really feel the heat hit you again due to the air movement from the fan.

Stove fans do not require any electricity or wiring to run. They simply produce their own energy due to being powered from the heat transfer from the top of the stove.



  • Compact design: only 199mm high to fit the tightest of spaces
  • Ultra low starting temperature – as low as 50°C - perfect for the latest cool-topped stoves
  • Unrivalled performance – pushing at a huge rate of 350 feet a minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output


The new fan packs a mighty punch; don’t be deceived by its diminutive size, sitting at just 199mm high, our Premium 4 fan operates at a lower temperature and really blows hot air – FACT.
Our latest, innovative Premium 4 Fan features a uniquely engineered design that boasts an advanced radiating fin to generate maximum airflow, with up to 70% more air flow than competitor products. Designed to start at a temperature as low as 50°C - when ambient temperature is around 10°C - the fan requires no batteries or external power. Heat is conducted though the base of the fan and converted to electricity which powers the fan motor. With a durable, hard wearing black anodised finish, the fan automatically slows and stops as the heat from the stove reduces.
The Premium 4 is perfect for all stoves with a flat top and for convector type twin skinned and topped stoves.
All Valiant heat powered stove fans are ideal for use on wood burning stoves in homes, narrowboats, mobile homes and can also be used on kitchen ranges and hobs in contemporary and traditional environments. Valiant offers 2 different heat powered fans, simply choose the model to suit your budget and style. 
Height (including blade): 199mm
Width (including blade): 180mm
Base plate width: 100mm
Base plate depth: 75mm
Total fan depth (approx.): 100mm
Weight: 550g
210 x 171 x 110mm
Weight: 735g
  • Fast starting at 70°C (158°F)
  • Maximum operating temperature 340°C (680°F)
  • Optimum operating temperature range 80-250°C (184 – 507°F)
  • Inbuilt protection system to stop the fan overheating
  • 24 months materials & workmanship guarantee
  • Designed & engineered in the UK
  • Fully CE compliant
Sarah-Jane Nash - Natural Heating - - 01953 452525

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The UNIVERSAL Stove Grate - Adjustable replacement coal grate system for multi-fuel stoves

Finding replacement parts such as coal grates for older multifuel stoves can be difficult and often impossible if your stove is no longer in current production or the original manufacturer cannot be found.

Recently fitting these into Hunter wood burners, Esse Dragons, Kingfire, Bestfire, Warmking, Sunrain and many other multi fuel and wood burning stoves.

Internal sizes of stoves can vary a lot and you will find lots of coal grates with different length, widths and depths and heights - but rarely one that meets the criteria you need to fit your fire.

For this reason, we designed The Universal Stove Grate System - registered design belonging to

Our Universal coal grate is a modular system based on a waffle type cast iron grate. The nature of this allows it to be cut down by the fitter or anyone with basic diy skills to the required size using an angle grinder using cut off discs (available from . 

In the pack, you will receive a set of 4 legs, cast iron front retaining bar and a cast iron waffle type grid / grate. The grate can be used without legs should you need to do so (in some stoves, grates sit on a ledge inside the stove) but holes in the grate allow you to position the legs wherever you require after cutting the grate to the required size.

This set is currently available in two size options - standard ( 300 x 300mm grate size) and large (457mm x 300mm). Appropriate length retaining bar is provided with each set, which can span the maximum length of the grate before altering. 

When legs are fitted to the grate it sits 90mm high to top of grate (excl retaining bar) or 65mm high if you cut the legs at the marked point. Nuts and washers are provided for fitting purposes.
The legs have an easy cut mark to make it easier to cut them down if required.

Likewise, the front retaining bar can also be cut down in length if required to suit and also bolts in through the holes in the cast iron base grate. If you don't need a retaining bar - simply leave it aside.
The retaining bar is 53mm high. Should you wish to fit this to your grate, and need to alter it - cut down to no less than 220mm length.


The above and below photos show attachment of the fuel retaining bar and legs to the coal grate.

If the back of your stove is angled inside. it is possible to cut diagonally across the cast iron waffle grid to make a grate which is a good fit. We would suggest that you first make a cardboard template and position this on top of the cast iron grid and mark with pen or chalk before you cut it.

Small Universal coal / multifuel Grate (max overall size 300 x 300mm) is £44.99
Large Universal coal / multifuel Grate (max overall size 457 x 300mm) is £59.99

Shipping for mainland UK, excluding Highland and Islands is £6.50. Other areas priced on request.

These can be purchased online from
To order by phone, call us on 01953 452525

Check out our Ebay shop and Facebook page too ! 

PLEASE make sure you ALWAYS season / cure new cast iron parts as you would with new stove.

For best lifespan, NEVER burn wood and coal TOGETHER at the same time. This is what they do in foundries to melt metals and drastically shortens the lifespan of parts. Burn wood on a bed of ash (use a metal plate on top of the coal grate if it isn't a removable one) and coal / smokeless fuel on a coal grate with clear air space above ashes. Be sure to empty ash pans under coal grates daily and don't allow ashes to bank up under bars.

Coal grates, baffles and lining panels are classed as consumable spare parts.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Sperrin Stoves - Quality Multi Fuel Burners made in Northern Ireland

Sperrin fast becoming known as an up-and-coming producer of attractive, multi-fuel steel stoves.

Hand made by a small team of people in Northern Ireland, Sperrin Stoves make excellent quality products at a very affordable price. They are such lovely smiley people and a pleasure to work with.

Their range includes inset fires, fire doors and 5kw and 8kw multi fuel stove models. DEFRA exempt appliances are available for burning wood in smokeless zones. Their stoves and inset fires have an impressive 5 year guarantee on the body casing (which excludes consumable parts)

All stoves have been fully UK tested and Approved to comply with relevant C regulations and BS EN13240

Here at, we stock the full Sperrin range which are available to view in both our showrooms in Hamilton, Scotland (01698 821111) and Attleborough / Norfolk (01953 452525)

Unfortunately, Sperrin Stoves are not allowed to be sold online, but there is huge advantage in visiting us to view. We keep the full range in stock and it's no problem if you would like to purchase and take away.

Photographs are not always a good indicator of quality and we think that Sperrin Stoves really do need to be seen "in the flesh" so to speak. The door handles in particular FEEL fantastic. Their stoves have riddling coal grates, but are equally as good for burning wood. They are easily comparable to many high end brands, but at much keener pricing - so offer superb value for money.

Sperrin make two sizes of  stove - a 5kw nominal output and an 8kw nominal output. Both are available with a choice of black or stainless steel top and bottom vents. Raised log stores are available as an optional extra.

The Standard Sperrin stoves have a curved top to the viewing window, whereas the Novus style has a squared top to the viewing window.

Another fabulous product that Sperrin make is their FIRE DOORS. This is literally a front that can be diy fitted to the front of open fires. It gives you additional air control and the safety of a door (to prevent sparks etc). A fire door also increases efficiency of your burn - from around 20% with an open fire to 65%+ with fire door fitted

To view the range of Sperrin products, we can be contacted in Attleborough / Norfolk (East Anglia) on 01953 452525 (showroom is open 9am > 5pm from Monday to Friday and 9am > 12noon on Saturdays. Closed bank holidays)..... or 01698 821111 for our branch in Hamilton / Scotland - phone for viewing availablity.